BTG Now Offers Recruitment Services!

BTG now offers efficient recruitment services for difficult-to-fill positions specializing in technology, artificial intelligence, big data, operations and project management at all levels.  Our lead recruiter, Brian Brosko, has over 20-years of specialized international recruiting and headhunting experience working in-house with leaders at global companies such as Deloitte, Sapient, Publicis, Electronic Arts and tech startups to fill hundreds of their most critical openings with the best hires in a timely, cost-effective manner.

BTG can help you recruit the highest quality candidates quickly for both permanent and contractor positions!

For more information regarding BTG’s talent acquisition, recruiting and contract staffing services, please See

Also, please reach out to Brian directly at 

BTG Employees Performed at the 27th Nationwide Latvian Song and 17th Dance Festival in Riga during Summer of 2023

This past summer, BTG had five employees that participated in the 27th Nationwide Latvian Song and 17th Dance Festival that took place in Riga!  This was the 150th anniversary of the song festival tradition and included over 40,000 participants with more than 1,600 groups from Latvia and more than 100 groups from other countries, primarily consisting of Latvian diaspora.  The groups performed choir concerts and dancing performances, among other cultural performances, for over a week.  The participants, including BTG employees, spent long hours practicing the performances with their groups.  We congratulate you all for your hard work and dedication to the Latvian Song and Dance Festival!

BTG participants included:  Astra Kikute (Director of HR and Contract Operations), Rita Krasauska (Office Administrator), Ilze Kasa (Senior Systems Analyst), Juris Kuzis (Senior Systems Administrator) and Sandra Macata (Chief Accountant). Astra, Ilze and Sandra sang in the mixed choir group “Salve” from Riga, Rita sang in the mixed choir group “Vanema” from Tukums and Juris danced in the folk dance group “Jurdancis” from Saulkrasti.  

In the above pictures: 1) Astra and Sandra (missing Ilze) and their Salve choir group, 2) final dance performance stage, 3) Juris and his Jurdancis group at the final dance performance, 4) Juris and his Jurdancis group before the parade through Riga, 5) Sandra in her folk cosutme, 6) Ilze in her folk costume, 7) Rita, Juris and Astra at the Mezaparks Open-Air stage during the final choir concert, and 8) final choir performance at the Mezaparks Open-Air stage.

Technology Contractor Resources Available Through BTG

BTG currently has available contractors with the following skillsets (all of the resources have at least 3 years of experience and most have 7+ years of experience):

Senior Android Engineers
Kotlin, RxJava, Gradle, CI/CD, Spring, Restful APIs, Google App Engine, MVVM, Coroutine, Dagger, end-to-end development and testing

Senior iOS Engineers
Swift, Swift UI, Xcode, Objective C, Firebase, CocoaPods, iOS design

Senior Test Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Mobile)
JUnit, Selenium, UI Automator, Cucumber, Gherkin, Mockito, Jira, Saucelabs, Appium, Espresso, API SDKs, BDD for Rest APIs

Senior DevOps Engineers
Linux, PHP, Python, Ansible, Snowflake, Terraform, Bash, Powershell, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, EKS, EC2, Azure, GCP, GKE

Senior Backend Cloud Engineers
AWS, GCP, GCE, GCK, Docker, Kubernetes, big data, Python, Django, Rest APIs

Senior Backend Data/ AI/ ML Engineers
Python, Java, JVM, R, SQL, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Hadoop, Spark, Flink, time series data, Pandas, Kafka, Cassandra, Gradle, CI/CD, AWS, GCE, Docker, Kubernetes

Senior Frontend Developers
Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, UI/UX design, Rest APIs, CSS, CI/CD

Senior Full Stack Web Developers
Node.js, Vue, Angular, .Net, Java, Spring, Vue,js, Javascript, MangoDB, PostgreSQL, React, Linux, MySQL

  • for more information, please contact 

Various Technology Resources Available for Staffing

BTG and its partners have developers with the following skills to help with your projects:

Web Development (Front-End, Back-End and Full Stack)


          Angular, Vue.js, React, .Net, Django, Laravel, Express, Ruby on Rails, Spring, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Node.js


          Java, Javascript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, C++, Kotlin, C# HTML, CSS, AB Suite, EAE

Mobile Technology Platforms

          Android, iOS

QA and Testing Services


          Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Jira, CI/CD, Kubernetes, AWS DevOps, Azure DevOps

UI/ UX Services

Cloud Computing

          AWS, MS Azure

BTG can provide quality staff at competitive rates to work on a complete project or provide staff augmentation where our contractors work under the direction of the client’s managers.  We can provide staff on a time and materials or fixed-price basis.  We offer services on-site at the client’s location, offshore at our development centers in Latvia or our partner development centers or a mix of on-site and offshore services to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

For more information regarding BTG’s software development and support services, please contact:

BTG Unisys MCP System Administration and Support Personnel Available for Projects

BTG has administrative and support specialists available to support Unisys clients running their applications on Unisys’ Master Control Program (MCP) operational system.  BTG MCP specialists can provide a range of services including installation, support and daily administration of development and production systems on MCP platforms including, but not limited to, system and reports generation, database backup creation and tuning, creation of database clones, WFL configurations and installation of new AB Suite releases.  These MCP specialists are also skilled in MCP troubleshooting and resolving technical system issues for customers and internal development staff.  Many BTG MCP specialists have over 10 years of MCP experience.  

For more information, please contact:

Available BTG Resources for Unisys Clients

BTG has a group of experienced AB Suite and EAE developers (15 years of experience on average, primarily in the financial business area) and MCP specialists available to undertake new projects.  Most of them have experience providing end-user support and are ITIL certified. 

For additional information, please contact

Blockchain and Digital Transformation in Health 2020 Conference in Austin, TX, February 26, 2020

Larisa Brosko and Andris Lacis attended the Blockchain and Digital Transformation in Health 2020 Conference in Austin, Texas, on February 26, 2020.  They enjoyed networking with peers working in the area and learning about many exciting new developments using Blockchain (and AI , IoT and more) in healthcare and the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry using these technologies.  Thank you to the Austin Blockchain Collective for putting together such an informative and fantastic conference!  


BTG is Recertified as ISO 9001:2015 Standard Compliant

SIA Baltic Technology Group has successfully passed the recertification audit in the beginning of 2020 as being compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard through February 7, 2023.  The recertification audit was performed by Bureau Veritas (accredited by UKAS).  


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