Swedish Savings Banks Retail Banking System Case Study

A consortium of Swedish savings banks approached BTG to conduct an extensive retail banking system customization project, specifically to conduct custom modifications of the base version of its retail banking system to meet the requirements of two savings banks. In addition, BTG was asked to provide adequate development team size and resource mobility between the client site in Sweden and the near-shore project office in Latvia.

BTG successfully completed the project in a timely and cost-efficient manner and modified the existing base version of the retail banking system by adding retail functionality, developing external system interfaces and data feeds and implementing unique customer requirements including Swedish regulatory changes.

BTG also assisted the vendor with system implementation at client sites and provided customer support both from near-shore in Latvia and on–site in Sweden. In addition, BTG successfully applied a mixed on–site and near-shore project model to deliver a high quality and cost-effective solution for the client by providing 22 experienced EAE system analysts and developers who successfully completed the design, development, system testing, implementation and end-user support tasks.