Unisys Technology Services

For over 29 years, BTG has strategically partnered with clients to provide Unisys EAE and AB Suite software application development and support services. This includes the entire application software development cycle: design, development, testing and implementation.

EAE to Agile Business (AB) Suite Migration

BTG’s EAE to AB Suite migration services began in 2008, following the migration of our proprietary retail banking system from EAE on MCP to AB Suite on Windows.  Since then, our team has helped a number of organizations move to the new Unisys development environment.  

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Unisys EAE Design and Development

BTG software development specialists have been well recognized in the Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) user community as experts in Unisys EAE (LINC) development tools for more than 28 years.

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Unisys AB Suite Design and Development

BTG software development specialists have been well recognized in the Agile Business (AB) Suite user community as experts in Unisys AB Suite development tools for over 10 years. 

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MCP System Administration and Support

BTG has specialists trained in the Unisys Master Control Program (MCP) operational system providing administration and support.  Many BTG MCP specialists have over 10 years of MCP experience. 

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For more information regarding BTG’s Unisys Technology services, please contact us here.

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