Unisys Stealth

BTG, a partner of Unisys, is authorized to resell and implement Unisys Stealth software in the Baltic States. Unisys Stealth is an innovative software-based security solution to help prevent threats and secure assets.

Unisys Stealth is specifically designed to protect data that is in transit, on premises, in the cloud and hybrid deployments thereof, with the ability to push security policy down to the individual level, in a process called “micro-segmentation”. Unisys Stealth is a leader in the emerging micro-segmentation field and it was built for a unique US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community requirement.

Unisys Stealth is, in fact, the only micro-segmentation solution certified for use with the US National Security System data centers and ensures that the tightly controlled security policy and access management on premises extends into any cloud environment. Stealth is currently deployed at the federal, state, and local government levels, protecting some of most sensitive government data and securing mission enclaves.

See https://www.unisys.com/offerings/security-solutions/unisys-stealth-products-and-services

For more information about how BTG can help you get the Unisys Stealth product in the Baltic States, please contact us here.