BTG’s Mobile Banking System

BTG’s Mobile Banking system is another way for a customer to communicate with a bank and request different kinds of financial services at any place and any time.
BTG’s mobile banking application is a cross-platform solution, capable of running on iPhones, Androids and Blackberries. It has premier security and provides and a pleasant user experience.


  • All sensitive data are encrypted before stored in a mobile phone’s flash memory;
  • All sensitive data are cleaned from the random access memory after encryption;
  • Before exit from application, random access memory are cleaned;
  • Possibility to send remote cleaning command to the phone if it is lost or stolen. This command will clean all settings and leave factory settings only.

The main functionality

  • Accounts overview – a list of user accounts is displayed, split into categories,
    with their short numbers, currency and balance.
  • Short account numbers – to make mobile payments easier and faster, the
    application can use short account number aliases that that consist of the user’s
    customer ID and 5 characters of the user’s preference.
  • Money transfer – the user can transfer money between two of his own bank
    accounts or to any bank account that the bank can transfer to. If the other
    account holder is also using the “Mobile banking” application then the user
    only has to know the recipients short account number.
  • Notifications – the user can receive notifications on changes in their bank
    account as long as the device is connected to the internet.
  • Currency calculator – this option gives the user ability to convert currency
    from either “LVL”,”USD” or “EUR” currencies.
  • Encryption – the data transfer between the app and the application server is
    encrypted with AES encryption and the data is encoded for improved security.
  • Remote data wipe – if the device with the app gets stolen, the user can send an
    SMS to the device or request the bank to send a “purge” message to the
    device, which will wipe all the users data from the memory cards in the device
    and cause a factory reset on the device.
  • Data – the relevant user data and balance information is only held in the
    devices memory for the duration of the sessions, all of the data is wiped from
    the devices RAM at the end of the users session of using the application.
  • Find nearby branches and ATMs using the smartphones built-in GPS
  • Warning about the last transaction paid by card

For more information regarding BTG’s Mobile Banking system, please contact us here.

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