Our History

In May of 1991, Dagnija Lacis, former Vice President of Unisys Corporation, formed both BTG Systems, Inc. in Michigan, USA and SIA Baltic Technology group in Riga, Latvia. Unisys provided the latest technology and sent US teachers and the latest EAE software to Riga. This commenced project work for Unisys clients all over the world, including in the United States, UK, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Dubai. BTG also started offshore work in 1994, using a leased line from the US. BTG developed a retail banking system which was installed in eight Latvian banks.

Today, all offshore work is done through secure VPN’s, thus allowing employees to work from home as needed. BTG now has three Latvian offices-the headquarters in the heart of Riga (opened in 1991), a branch office in Daugavpils (opened in 2007) and a branch office in Ventspils (opened in 2010). BTG’s staff teaches at three universities, thereby providing BTG with access to top talent as needed.

Baltic Technology Group achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification in February of 2005 (certified by UKAS). In January of 2017, a re-certification was done to the latest ISO standards and Baltic Technology Group received ISO 9001:2015 certification.