Decentralized Technologies

BTG Blockchain specialists are skilled in creating smart contracts using the Solidity (Ethereum) and GO (Hyperledger Fabric) programming languages.  Our Blockchain specialists go through an extensive training program to learn Blockchain fundamentals and how to write smart contracts. 

BTG has developed a real estate rental use case with the Solidity programming language.  The process of listing and renting real estate usually requires hiring a third-party (e.g. broker) to manage and over-see the interaction between two parties who are usually unrelated and unknown to each other.  A blockchain smart contract can save costs by eliminating the need to use a third party while ensuring that each party successfully complies with its requirements and legal obligations of the transaction and also provides security superior to traditional contract law with no undue influence by a third party.  To see our demo of the above use case, please contact us here. 

For more information regarding BTG’s blockchain services, please contact us here.

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